Wellness for pets

We dedicate the utmost attention to our little friends, that’s why we created the NUTRIGEN products: a line for Pet Wellness Products.


Diarrhea can be the first symptom that something in the gut is not working correctly. It is in fact a delicate apparatus on which the...

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Ear cleaner

Your dog's ears are delicate parts of the body that require frequent cleaning. It is therefore very special to ensure proper hygiene of the ear...

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Feeding time

Do mothers and puppies need support in this delicate phase of their life? Do not worry, we have the solution for you.

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With the daily care of the coat, some hair ends up in the stomach and intestines of the dog. These products can be supportive in...

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Immune Defenses

Are there times when your pet would need immune booster support? No problem. Nutrigen products are here for that too!

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Inflammation, a defense mechanism

Inflammation is one of the main healing processes. Discover our proposal for manage it… of course

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Insect repellent

In addition to being as annoying to our dogs as they are to us, insects can be vehicle of some diseases. We can help you...

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Joint Wellness

The joints are really important for a dog, his freedom also passes through his ability to move. Help him by taking care of his joints.

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Respiratory tract

Dog cough is a symptom to watch for, which can be very annoying for our four-legged friend. Here are some great help at times like...

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Skin and coat

Skin is a "frontier organ" exposed to a thousand dangers, wthe first line of defense that protects and helps to maintain its natural defenses: a...

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Agitated, anxious dogs, travel stress or absence? In this case, a support product for the physiological relaxation of the dog.

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Wellbeing And Relief From Pain

Protective responses to the damaging action of physical, chemical and toxic agents can cause inflammation and discomfort in the animal. It is important to counteract...

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