Cane e gatto felici dopo una corretta pulizia delle orecchie per prevenire l'otite

Ear cleaning is essential for the well-being of dogs and cats

Why is it essential to clean dogs' and cats' ears regularly? Otitis, a common inflammation, can result from bacteria, yeast or foreign bodies. Learn the importance of cleanliness, especially for predisposed breeds. Learn how to properly clean your ears and what products to use, avoiding DIY remedies. Accustoming puppies to this practice from an early age is essential to prevent discomfort and stress, ensuring the well-being of our furry friends

One of the problems that often leads owners to the vet is otitis.
Otitis is an inflammation of the ear, most frequently affecting that part of the ear that includes the external ear canal to the eardrum. There are many causes, ranging from bacteria and yeast to foreign bodies (such as the dreaded “bores”).

Otitis caused by microorganisms, such as Malassezia, often develops due to the presence of conditions that promote the establishment and reproduction of pathogenic germs: predisposing factors are, for example, pendulous ears, which maintain warm and
humidity conducive to the development of yeasts and fungi, or poor hygiene and accumulation of earwax.
Thus, the importance of periodically performing ear cleaning appears obvious, especially in individuals with greater predisposition such as cocker spaniels, dachshunds, and golden retrievers.

How to perform proper ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is characterized by a series of manual tasks that can cause discomfort and stress to the animal.Therefore, it is important to accustom dogs and cats from puppyhood to being handled for ear cleaning. By acting from the earliest months of life, the animal will no longer experience this moment as a trauma or an “extraordinary” event, and it will be easier for the owner to routinely perform the cleansing.

From the very first visits to the veterinarian, it is essential to be taught the right maneuvers to perform, in order to avoid discomfort and stress for the puppy, as well as to reduce the risk of ourselves causing otitis with incorrect gestures. To clean the ear, never use do-it-yourself remedies or preparations for human use, but always use only products developed specifically for dogs and cats.This is because our four-legged friends’ ears are different from ours, and the use of inappropriate products could cause inflammation and pain. The product to be used for ear cleansing must prove to be both effective and nonaggressive, since the ear is a very delicate environment.

The use of natural oil-based products provides effective, long-lasting cleaning without side effects.

Dr. Valentina Bregoli, Veterinary Physician

NUTRIGEN’s advice:

OTOGEN: Auricular detergent based on oil. With Macadamia nut oil and Helianthus oil, which have emollient properties and restore the skin’s hydrolipid film.a The presence of essential oils of thyme, lavender, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and melaleuca gives the product a pleasant fragrance, as well as providing antiseptic properties against yeasts and bacteria. The oily texture allows you to use only a few drops at a time, to be applied to a cotton ball that will be used to perform cleansing with gentle movements from the inside to the outside of the ear.

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