Vitamins and their importance in metabolic processes.

Vitamins are essential organic compounds, which the body does not synthesize autonomamenate and therefore must be taken through the diet.
Vitamin requirements change according to the target species, so what are essential vitamins for humans are not such for dogs and cats. This means that, in case of need, it is not recommended to use human multivitamins for dogs and cats: it is important to always rely on veterinary products, formulated taking into account the real needs of our pets.

Vitamins are divided into 2 broad categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble, depending on whether they are soluble in water or lipid (fat). Broadly speaking, the difference between these two categories can be traced to the indispensable daily amount: in general (but there are some
exceptions), water-soluble vitamins are more easily eliminated through urine and the daily requirement is therefore higher, while fat-soluble vitamins are accumulated in the liver and the daily requirement is lower.

Each vitamin has its own function, and a deficiency or excess due to improper nutrition can lead to the appearance of disorders up to actual diseases.

Take, for example, vitamin A (Retinol), a fat-soluble vitamin involved in epithelial formation, bone growth and remodeling, as well as some retinal functions. In dogs and cats, a deficiency of vitamin A in the diet can cause blindness, while an excess of vitamin A (such as in a diet rich in liver) can cause spontaneous bone fractures and spinal malformations.

It is clear, therefore, that vitamins are very important for each individual’s metabolism, and in case of deficiency of one or more vitamins, the first visible sign will be fatigue and easy fatigability of the individual.

There are also individuals who have increased vitamin requirements related to particular life times or situations, such as sporting dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches and cats, growing puppies, the elderly, or individuals with chronic diseases.

In all these cases, when the diet is not sufficient to ensure normal vitamin intake, it is essential to administer multivitamin complexes to avoid deficiencies.

Dr. Valentina Bregoli, Veterinary Physician

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